‘I Was S3x-starved, I Struggled For It’ – Xandy Kamel Speaks About Her Divorce (WATCH)

Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel tied the knot with King Kaninja, a sports presenter, in May 2020 but their marriage ended in the middle of 2021.

Speaking about the hell she went through in her marriage, Xandy says her husband was also sex starving her.

According to her, even anytime she boldly requested sex or made the first move, King Kaninja will turn her down.

Detailing her experience to Kwaku Manu on the ‘Aggressive Interview’ show, she said they lived like strangers.

Whenever it’s time for us to have sex, it becomes a struggle. I don’t get it even if I request it“, she said and added that “I can boldly count the number of times my husband and I had sex when we were together. I lived with my husband but I was sex-starved.

Is it up to 20?” Kwaku Manu asked and she replied “I’d be glad if it was“. Asked what kept her going despite all the challenges she faced in her marriage, Xandy Kamel said “I saw these red flags and I ignored them”.

In the interview below, she added that “I kept consoling myself that things will get better but they never were. My parents also kept encouraging me and I blindly stayed throughout that toxic marriage.

Watch the video below;

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