I Have Had S3x With Over 900 Women – Nana Tornado brags

Nana Tornado, who was allegedly tagged to be gay, has made a shocking revelation about the number of women he has banged in his entire life – and he feels good about it.

Seamlessly, this might be his biggest achievement ever since he was born looking at how he bragged about it on live television and he perhaps deserves an award for that, or?

Nana Tornado made this bizarre revelation after a viewer sent a text bragging about banging 120 women on ETV Ghana’s “In Bed With Adwen” show.

He bragged that he has slept with over 900 women and hence the viewer should uplift his game.

“I swear I have slept with 1.2billion. My body sweet me oo. The last time my friend and I calculated 5 months ago, it was more than 900 and something women. Tell him to speed up the game”, Nana Tornado bragged.

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