Running a business as a woman is difficult- Hamamat reacts to nude photos Blackmail

Some days ago, semi-nude photos of Hamamat Montia popped up online with some more promised to the worry of some fans. The model has now broken her silence to explain what happened.

As reported earlier , two photos of the 2006 Malaika Queen’s boobs, showing in a wet see through dress, were posted on her Instagram account, after which a blurred image of her boobs was shared again, with a caption threatening to show more.

Fans were worried and other confused about what exactly could be happening to Hamamat, with questions being asked if her account was hacked and someone is trying to blackmail her.

The entrepreneur, has now detailed what happen, with a new post on her page citing a blackmail attempt and cyberbullying to explain why the semi-nudes photos showed up on her page.

Read her statement below.

The past few days has been a nightmare

I am so thankful for your love & support through it all. 

Running a business is not easy 

Running a business as a woman is even more difficult. :

As women we face many challenges in the hopes of making our dreams come true especially in the workplace. :

Women are judged as being too hard, too soft, and never just right


1.Equal Pay

2.Race and Gender Bias

3. Sexual Harassment—Women at all levels of employment and all levels of workplace. 

4.Abuse of Power 

5 . Cyber bullying and harassment.

Women worldwide go through what I experienced in different forms everyday

I enjoy business but I don’t cheat to win , I will rather loose because there is so much to learn and experience along the way

BLACKMAIL is something I will not be a part of but unfortunately not everyone is working on your team to help your success but a Good Heart always wins . 

Love always wins 

Never give up and remain true to who you really are

Thank you so much : for the LoVe . 

I am overwhelmed and deeply grateful. :

To everyone who called , emailed and came by village – I love you so much and grateful.

To my friends and family , I love you & thank you :

Thank you  :

I wish you love , light and happiness.

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