H0t Audio! Queen Facardi Fights Sister Derby And Her New Boyfriend

The Ghanaian prostitute, Queen Facardi, recently set Snapchat ablaze with her jaw-dropping information about being David’s baby mama.

David has been sharing the spotlight for some time now because of his relationship with Sister Derby.

The cute couple started dating a few months ago, and it will be Sister Derby’s second attempt at a public relationship as Ghanaians watch.

As for David, Queen Facardi’s recent information suggests he has been adventurous with all sorts of women, including sex workers.

In Queen Facardi’s recent Snapchat gist, she accused David of abandoning his daughter while serving a couple of goals with Sister Derby.

She further requested that the young man returns home to pay his regular fees owed to her and their daughter.

Since the leak went viral on Snapchat, neither David nor Sister Derby have publicly confirmed or denied the damning rumours.

Watch the video below;

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