Ghanaians Are Interested In Sexy Bodies Than True Talents – Movie Producer, Pascal AKA

Award winning movie producer, Pascal Aka has complained about how Ghanaians love to see sexy bodies on screens than seeing real talents in movies.

According to Pascal, this mentality has forced most producers to churn out ‘borla’ movies rather than churning out the quality ones because the average Ghanaian doesn’t care about quality.

He made this known at a symposium organized by Black Star International Film Festival (BSIFF).

He said “Have we wondered why for more than a decade, the same old faces like Majid, Jackie, John Dumelo and Nadia are still gracing our screens? 

It’s because we are not giving much attention to true talents these days but concentrating on supposed actors who will rather show their sexiness than talent.

“But that is what the audience want now because it is what the media is feeding them with. Today, as a producer, you even fear to work on good material of proper intellect because you are already in doubt about its patronage since the patrons don’t appreciate quality again.”

“That shouldn’t be the way to go but unfortunately that is becoming the standard practice projected by the media.”

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