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Fooling pays my bills – Clemento Suarez tells critics

Ghanaian comedian and actor, Clement Ashiteye known as Clemento Suarez has responded to netizens criticizing him over his low-budget private wedding.

Less than 24 hours after leaked photos and congratulatory posts popped up online, fans of Clemento Suarez have expressed varying sentiments.

While some blasted him for having a low-budget wedding, others posted their support for Clemento’s union.

The private ceremony came off Saturday, October 24 and was attended by the family and close friends of the couple.

Reacting to naysayers, he said marriage is not going to end his fooling because that is how he makes his money and takes care of his family.

He said; “Marriage won’t stop me from fooling. It is how I pay my bills and feed my family. Fooling is how I made money to marry my wife.. besides it’s in my blood and I can’t stop now”.

Source: Gossips24.com

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