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FLASHBACK: Kan Dapaah and side chick’s video call leak

Exactly a year ago, video call of National Security Minister, Albert Kan-Dapaah in a conversation with a young woman leaked on social media.

In the video, the Minister who was supposed to be conscious of his security was clearly taken off-guard and being ordered around while in the said video conversation to show the make of his pyjamas.

“What are you wearing? let me see. I want to see your pyjamas. I want to see the front, the back, like the way you did it yesterday”, the lady ordered as Mr. Kan-Dapaah was seen turning 360 in the 2minutes 56seconds video.

The lady also questioned him as to whether or not the Minister was going to miss him while on the flight back home.

“Are you going to miss me when you are on the flight?”, she asked.

“Of course I’m ..of course, of course”, replied Kan-Dapaah.

The video went viral on social as many called on the government to sack him, others disagreed.

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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