Fighting For Journalists From Other Media Houses Is Deadly – Manasseh Azure Writes

This week has been hell, especially for some journalists at the EIB network after it was leaked that most of them had been laid off after trying to demonstrate against management over unpaid salaries.

Most jounalists, including the loudhanded Brdget Otoo, took to their official social media pages to condemn the act. In aseries of tweets by Bridget Otoo, she once wrote: 

Some of you see television and being on air as the ultimate dream that’s why you take so much abuse from your bosses! Small thing then these immature, emotional bosses will say “I’ve taken you off air” you won’t pay your staff when they agitate then you “punish” them by taking them off! But you will sit a government representative down and ask them why Teachers are striking? Why they won’t increase pay ? when you are doing same if not worse at your station? Such disgusting behaviour!

However, reacting to the back and forth on social media by the media gurus and experienced journalists, Manasseh Azure warned top journalists in different media houses trying to figure out for those at EIB as he reveals that it is risky.


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