Facebook Slay King Cum Scammer Exposed.

Mavis Harrison, a Facebook user has  exposed an alleged Facebook scammer who’s going round duping and blackmailing ladies.

According to her, the gentleman who uses  Osborne Tar zain on Facebook finds a way to befriend his victims, propose to them, promise them lot of things and later dupe them.

Per what Mavis posted on Facebook Osborne after making friends with the ladies, makes sure they fall for him since he’s good looking and supposedly rich.

And uses that as a yardstick to demand  airtime and nudes from the ladies which he later blackmails them with.

She also added that, Osborne claims to be a military nurse working abroad in his own father’s hospital and  pretends to be a virgin who is now looking for a partner.

Mavis Harrison in her post warned fellow Ghanaian ladies to be very careful of his tricks.

Below are screenshots of the post made by Mavis.


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