Ewes And Northerners Have The Sweetest P3nis- Ama Serwah

Ghanaian actress and Fashion Designer, Ama Serwah, has come out to reveal that the best men in Ghana with the best and sweetest p3nis happen to be the ewes and the northerners.

Speaking during an interview at Etv Ama Serwah revealed that all the other tribes are good in bed tho but the people who are the sweetest happen to be the people from the volta region and the northern region.

According to her the size of their manhood doesn’t matter when it comes to the s3x but the way they would make you feel when they are on top of you makes them the sweetest people to have s3x with anytime any day.

“Ewe men and Northern men, whether they have a big penis or small, are good in bed. You can come across a very tall, muscular ewe man with a very small penis but when you have sex with him, you will be amazed”, she said.

Ama Serwah who was speaking as a pundit on the ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show added that the size of p3nis doesn’t really matter during s3x but the way the person makes you feel whiles the act is ongoing.

Watch the video below;

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