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D-Black lists 10 things he looks out for in a woman

The first Ghanaian rapper ever to make it to the BET, Desmond Blackmore, also known as D-Black has outlined the ten most important things he looks out for in a woman.

D-Black took to his Snapchat to answer a very frequent question that has been posed to him in recent times since his s3x tape surfaced online.

Many wanted to find out from the rapper what his favorite thing in a woman is… He replied with a list of ten things which are;

  1. Makes the bed when she wakes up
  2. Can cook
  3. Doesn’t gossip
  4. Has a hustle or career
  5. Got a booty
  6. Can dance and loves music
  7. Wears little or no makeup
  8. Can make me laugh
  9. I can trust
  10. Prays

However, the rapper was quick to add that any woman he would choose as a partner must not necessarily score 10/10 on his check list… a little above 6 or 7 will be fine with him since he’s also not good at some of the things on his list.


SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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