Breaking News: Shatta Michy Missing After Stabbing Wale

Information gathered from indicates that Shatta Michy, girlfriend of Shatta Wale, has absconded together with their son with some documents of the musician.

According to the source, Michy stabbed Shatta Wale’s back with scissors, and other sharp objects. It added that she then took Shatta Wale’s Range Rover and other important documents, and sneaked out of the house without the knowledge of her boyfriend.

Since then, the whereabouts of Michy and Shatta Majesty, their son, has been unknown, for which reason she had been declared wanted. While cannot verify the heavy claims being made by this popular social media user with the name ‘those_called_celebs’, our checks reveal that Michy has been inactive on social media for some time now after the new year started.

Our checks also point to the fact that the last time she ever made a post on Instagram was on January 1, 2019, in which she wished all her fans a happy New Year. Since then, nothing has been heard of Michy, and this is very much unusual of her. If the claims by this social media user is anything to by, then it means the love birds could have a problem.

They had recently made their relationship the talk of the town when Shatta Wale publicly proposed to Michy in October 2018, during the ‘Reign’ Album concert. Michy had expressed surprise about the gesture, saying that she was shocked because she never expected that to happen at the event. The couple then disclosed that they would have their wedding in 2019. However, with the foregoing, it seems that wedding would have to be on hold till the issues between them are sorted out.


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