Aisha Modi Gets Fans Talking Over Flashing Nipples In ‘Buga’ Challenge (WATCH)

Ayisha Modi has joined the ‘Buga’ challenge with her heart, soul and mind but social media has a lot to say about that.

The Buga challenge is about fans dancing to the new ‘Buga’ song released by Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel. Within a few days after the release of the song, it has become a monster hit across Africa, hence, sparking a global trend on TikTok.

The Ghanaian online personality and self-acclaimed entrepreneur has also decided to join the challenge by showing off her dance moves.

Aisha Modi who has been in America for the past months now shared a video of herself in a tank top over a pair of jeans. In the video which appears to have been shot in her washroom, she was happily dancing to the song.

However, she appeared braless, hence, a print of a nipple showed on her top and that has left fans talking whilst others also talk about her new banging body in the video. The post has so far attracted over 600 comments.

The enemy is not after your money or your stuff. He wants your mind. Your attitude. Your heart. Your faith. Your peace. Understand that you’re not being attacked over the tangible things in your life, the enemy is fighting you over the things can’t see,” she captioned her post. Check it out below with what some fans have been saying.

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