After Five Children, Going [email protected] In Front Of Samini Was Nothing – Stephanie Benson

The singer who loves to go nude made this known on Asempa FM.

Stephanie said she loved the conduct of the legendary Samini during the video shoot even though he did not expect her to be naked.

“It was two days filming, the first scene was in the house and by the pool and the second one was in the bedroom. So initially we had a bath scene where we did photoshoots. He was in the bath wearing shorts and I walked in and when he saw me I was wearing a housecoat but I took it off.

“I was totally naked. I wasn’t wearing a pant. There was not even hair on my body so naked. He’s seen everything but the guy is cool. It is just a body. I stepped in and sat on his lap. He wasn’t expecting me to come in naked so what he said was Akua you are bad.

“I just said we are going to have fun so if you’re a little uncomfortable because you don’t know how far I will go, relax let me lead the way and he let me lead.”

The musician said she has given birth to five children and several medics have seen her naked therefore it’s nothing if she puts her body on display.

“Please I’ve given birth to five children, doctors and nurses have seen my vagina all these years so when they see my body what’s the big deal,” she said.

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