Afia Schwarzenneger Celebrates As Confusion Happens Between Adu Sarfowaa and Tonardo

Media personality and comedienne Afia Schwarzenneger has in the latest video making waves on social media been singing songs of joy as she claims God is fighting her battles for her.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, anyone who tries to bring her down would have the lord fighting her battle for her since she is the daughter of the most high God.

Taking to social media to share her delight concerning the argument that has ensued between Adu Sarfowaa and Nana Tonardo she revealed that the both of them are now fighting because the Lord wants to punish them for saying evils things about her some time back.

Speaking during a video which she posted on her social media handle she stated saying;

“If you have studied God fights anyone that tries to bring me down by causing confusion to stick their camp ”

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