Akuapem Poloo has fingered two of her ex-best friends, Tracey Boakye and Afia Schwar as the evil people who leaked her viral bedroom video online.

Commenting to the trending 18+ video, Poloo emphatically stated that the video isn’t related to any sexual activity as alleged by users of various socail media networks.

According to the disturbed mother of one, she was secretly filmed by one of her close friends who entered her room after she had just finished bathing and was about to apply apply pomade on her skin but had to pause to receive a call in the process.

Speaking about how the video peaked at Number one on socail media trends, Akuapem Poloo accused Afia Schwar and Tracey Boakye as the wicked people who masterminded the whole saga.

As stated by Poloo, the lady who recorded her n@ked self sent the footage to Tracey Boakye and Afia Schwar to disgrace her because she’s aware she [Poloo] is not in good talking terms with them.

Poloo further disclosed that, Tracey Boakye and Afia Schwar also forwarded the video to Archipalago and Naana Brown to roast her online and help trend it online.

Amidst this brewing confusion, Afia Schwar has issued out a strong warning to Rosemond Brown to keep her name out of her stinking mouth and also stop tagging her as one of the heartless people who leaked the said video on the local digitals space.



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