Abena Moet shares a bedroom photo supposedly taken after ‘s3x’ to rubbish divorce rumours

Media personality Abena Moet who married just two weeks ago is feeding us with chilling drama from her young married life and we will also give her the attention she wants.

Just yesterday, the entertainment pundit and critic sparked severe rumours of divorce on the internet after she shared a video on her socail media pages telling her fans that there’s nothing special about marriage.

In the video, she also disclosed that marriage is not as entertaining as singles have been programmed to believe because it is totally a herculean task.

These confessions from Abena Moet made socail media users to draw a theory that there’s definitely a fire on the mountain and all is not well at home between the newly weds.

In the bid to rubbish the divorce assertions that followed after her viral video, the controversial showbiz figure has shared a romantic photo of her self and the husband that is supposedly believed to be taken after s3x looking at how exhausted they both appeared in the photo.

Take a look at the photo below and pass your judgement in the comments box below…

Source: Gossips24.com

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