A Plus and Abena Korkor beef over Serwaa Amihere’s alleged [email protected] photos and videos

Ghanaian hiplife artiste, singer, activist, broadcaster, and the founder of “The People’s Party Kwame A-Plus has fiercely reacted to the trending alleged [email protected] photos of Serwaa Amihere.

The controversial political crisis who sworn to end Abena Korkor’s madness just four days ago has rekindled their beef with his latest daring allegations against the mental health advocate.

Since Abena Korkor is a clout chaser and also not in good talking terms with Serwaa Amihere who is the lady of the moment, Kwame A Plus has fingered the former TV3 employee as the person behind the Bombshelli account.

In a post A Plus authored on his IG page in reaction to the trending news, he fumed over Abena Korkor’s audacity to tarnish the image of Serwaa Amihere.

According to him, Abena Korkor is very foolish to go faceless behind a Snapchat account just to disgrace her fellow woman.

Bitter and enraged A Plus wrote…

There are women in this country who are free to sleep with whoever they choose to. They are even free to talk about it openly after smoking some cheap weed. Then such people turn around to create fake accounts to talk about who is sleeping with who and some fellow woman believe and share it in excitement. Which sensible woman will believe or participate in such foolishness!! Women empowerment my trumu!! Agyimifoɔ!!! @serwaaamihere wo daa da!! When they sleep with men they use the money to buy weed and pretend they have bipolar!! Use yours to buy range and houses. You too it is your own body!!!

It is of high hopes that Abena Korkor will reply to A Plus’ damning accusations against her very soon.

Stay tuned for more…

Source: Gossips24.com


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