15 foods that will help your s3xual prowess in bed

Just like the good old saying, “you are what you eat”, boosting your performance between the sheets not only improves your love life but also your health.

If you’re looking to maintain sexual activity in bed all night, trust us when we say you’re not alone.

The male gender especially looks for ways to enhance their sexual performance. Some of these ways can include improving the existing problems or searching for new ways to keep your partner happy.

Did you know that it is commonly said that foods that look like body parts can boost your sex drive?

According to Dr Vijay Singhal, a sexologist at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, “Any healthy food is good for sex. However, there are certain items that are particularly beneficial- Walnuts, strawberry, avocados, watermelons and almonds. One must note that alcohol is bad for a healthy sex life as it increases the desire but decreases the performance.”

Although no one wants to be a ‘minuteman’, research has shown that you don’t have to go all night to please your partner either.

According to a journal of Sexual Medicine study, the average time couples spend bumpin’ and grindin’ ranges from three to 13 minutes. Other research reveals that most women want “sexy time” to last between 15 and 25 minutes; not for hours like some people might think. Regardless, nothing bad can come from going at it a bit longer!

Below are some simple foods to add to your diet that will help boost your lovemaking endurance.

1. Watermelon:

If you’re really looking for a sweet libido-booster, stick to a slice of watermelon. Watermelon improves erection and increases libido. They also contain citrulline which releases amino acids and arginine in the body. Arginine is responsible for vascular health. Although it’s 92 per cent water, the remaining 8 per cent of this fruit is jam-packed with vital nutrients for sexual health. Researchers at the Texas A&M Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center reported finding in 2008 that watermelon has ingredients that delivered Viagra-like effects to the human body’s blood vessels and could even aid in increasing libido.

2. Apples:

An apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away; it may also help to extend your sexual stamina. It’s all thanks to apples’ high levels of quercetin, an antioxidant flavonoid that has been found to play a role in improving endurance. Quercetin can also help prevent the release of cortisone, which causes muscle breakdown, meaning you’ll be able to go at it longer without experiencing premature fatigue.

3. Ginger:


Ginger is another food that can improve your sex life by aiding blood flow and improving artery health. According to a study in the International Journal of Cardiology, consuming a mere teaspoon of the stuff a few times a week is all you need to reap the heart-healthy benefits.

4. Garlic:


A Journal of Nutrition study confirmed that consuming garlic extract can help stop the formation of new fatty deposits, called plaque, inside arterial walls which includes the arteries leading to the penis. Keep your heart healthy and your erections strong by adding some garlic to your weekly dishes.

5. Spinach:

Spinach is a veggie that helps fuel erections. The secret to its penis-enhancing power lies in its high arginine content. When its amino acid hits your system, it converts to nitric oxide, which helps initiate and maintain erections.

6. Tuna fish:

Tuna fish is rich in vitamin D, which has been linked to a longer life and testosterone production. It’s also a heart-healthy, protein-rich food that is low in calories.

7. Avocado:

Not only are avocados rich in stress-relieving B vitamins, according to a Journal of Hypertension study, they’re also a great source of monounsaturated fat, which has been shown to aid blood flow to the entire body the penis inclusive.

8. Eggs:


No matter how you make them, a couple of eggs will rev you up after a long day so you can go the distance in the dark. they’re a good source for an amino acid L-arginine, which has been shown effective in treating types of heart ailments and erectile dysfunction. Consume eggs for a healthy erection.

9. Lettuce:

According to Dr. Clement, “Iceberg lettuce contains an opiate that helps to activate sex hormones.”

10. Walnuts:

Walnuts improve the quality of sperm. It is known to improve the shape, movement and vitality of the sperm. Include walnuts in your diet to improve fertility.

11. Almonds:

Almonds contain arginine which improves circulation and relaxes blood vessels. This amino acid found in almonds helps you maintain an erection.

12. Strawberries and raspberries:

The seeds of these fruits are loaded with zinc which is essential for sex for both, men and women. If women have high levels of zinc their bodies find it easier to prepare for sex. In men, zinc controls the testosterone level which is responsible for producing sperm. It is important that men load up on zinc as their zinc levels reduce during intercourse.

13. Beans:


When it comes to male hormone health, beans may offer more benefits than you think. White, kidney and black beans are all considered sources of vitamin D and zinc. Baked beans also offer these nutrients, but you’ll need additional sources in your daily diet.

14. Oysters:

Oysters are among the most famous aphrodisiacs in history. Their effects may be due to their zinc content. Zinc is an essential nutrient during puberty, and its effects can keep male hormones in check throughout adulthood. Oysters have more zinc than any other food per serving.

15. Bananas:

This sexual innuendo may be able to help you go go go! That is because this tropical fruit is full of simple carbs to provide you with energy and potassium to help you keep going. Its muscle-relaxing mineral prevents cramps and muscle spasms that may impede your sexy time.

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